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Located on Avenida del Puerto, in the vicinity of the Plaza de Armas, the Visitors Centre occupies the ground floor of the building formerly known as Prácticos del Puerto. Its proximity to the administrative headquarters of the San Cristóbal Travel Agency makes it an ideal point for the specialized management required by the historical heritage tourism of the Cuba destination.

The space constitutes a shelter destined to inform and assist national and foreign visitors. In this practice, it is essential to master communication tools such as personal attention, guide service and exhibition staging, as well as resources for the interpretation of cultural heritage, elements that optimize sustainable tourism management.

The Center uses innovative information technology and communications with an emphasis on the element of Augmented Reality (AR), which takes advantage of printed maps on three levels to provide reliable information to the visitor. All this is implemented through practices that promote motivation, reflection and integrating thinking, exercises to develop sensitivity and interest in the history and culture of the environment, aimed at making the visitor's experience truly memorable and revealing.

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